Multi-Layer Insulation

Our Multi-layer Insulation (MLI) blankets and CAD Cut Cryokits® provide custom-tailored cryogenic insulation solutions that offer exceptional performance, ease of installation, simplified procurement, and unique affordability.

We’re your partner from initial design through installation, and our hands-on assistance ensures your MLI is the smartest solution every step of the way.

Individual tailored MLI blankets accommodate complex geometries, eliminating the need for inefficient manual material cutting on the manufacturing floor. Over ten layers per blanket are achievable through our tag-pin anchorage system, and blankets can be preferentially folded before shipping for additional ease of installation.

Our CAD Cut Cryokits® contain everything needed for a cryogenic insulation installation in a single package designed simplify your manufacturing process. Tailored MLI blankets provide an exact fit for odd shapes. Pre-packaged tape and material handling items ensure that everything needed for installation is in place and ready to go. Combined they offer a unique single-SKU solution that simplifies ordering for our customers.


By shielding satellites and rockets from temperature extremes, our MLI solutions protect sensitive equipment and ensure successful space operations. The benefits to the Aerospace market include:

  • Reduced material costs through customized part nesting
  • Assembled in AS9100C-certified clean room environments
  • Proven capacity to handle large aerospace programs
  • Integrated snaps, fasteners, grommets, and grounding straps built into finished blankets
  • Thermodynamic modeling of kit elements available


By superinsulating the magnets within Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) machines, our MLI Solutions make injury and disease detection more efficient and more effective. The benefits to the Medical market include:

  • Kitted blankets provide the right set of materials in installation sequence
  • Precision part nesting to lower total material costs
  • Prototyped easily for fast testing of design iterations


By making the transportation and storage of liquid natural gas more efficient, our MLI solutions help reduce the global carbon footprint. The benefits to the Energy market include:

  • Preferential folding for faster large blanket installation
  • Thermodynamic modeling of Cryokit elements available