About Us

“The Essence of Life is Relationships.” - Bob Fulton, Founder

Where We Started

Web Industries is a classic example of a successful entrepreneurial American start-up company. Founded in 1969 by Bob Fulton on $10,000 raised from family and friends, the company initially focused on serving the rolled goods slitting and spooling market in the greater Boston area. In the early days, Web flourished by exceeding the expectations that our clients and their customers demanded, and we earned a reputation throughout the Northeast as the converting company to trust for precision converting of technically advanced flexible materials.

Almost 50 years later, Web has seven locations with 600,000+ square feet of dedicated advanced converting and manufacturing space in the United States and Europe. We’re proud that we’ve played a key role in nearly every market that uses flexible materials as a component, and we look forward to helping invent the future with our customers.

Employee Ownership Makes the Difference

As a 100% employee-owned company, we know that our success is driven by the success of our clients, making us stewards not just of our business but of theirs as well. This intersection of employee ownership and customer stewardship drives us to constantly improve our business and manufacturing processes, discover new efficiencies, develop new capabilities, and deliver a level of responsiveness that cannot be found in other companies. Employee ownership gives us, and ultimately gives our clients, a competitive advantage.