Customized Extruded Wire & Cable Components

From specialty films to cable fillers, separator tapes to signal isolation components, we offer a wide range of wire & cable components that can be customized to meet your unique needs.

We’re involved in all key segments of the cable market, including military, shipboard, aerospace, automotive, and specialty control and power products. Combining end-to-end design, development, converting, and manufacturing services with innovative thinking and creative problem solving, we help our partners speed products to market, reduce costs, and maximize product success.

Specialty Film Extrusion

Our specialty film extrusion services allow us to manufacture high-quality polyolefin and polypropylene films specifically designed for our client’s end products. On-premise extrusion facilities give us complete control of the film making process, allowing us to tailor the characteristics to match technical specifications while providing complete quality assurance throughout the production cycle. Because film extrusion is often a precursor step in producing a final product, we can combine our film making with other in-line or same-facility converting and material management services to create a highly efficient single-source supplier solution for our partners.

Superbulk® Fibrillated Cable Fillers

Our family of Superbulk® polypropylene cable fillers are lighter, stronger, and safer than traditional alternatives. They can be custom-tailored to meet specific engineering and production requirements, including custom colors, fibrillation levels, fiber diameter, tensile strength, and elongation. Because Superbulk is formed into yarns and tapes, it is much more flexible than piped-in Polypropylene foam or beads. Adaptable to almost any combination, it can be used alone or in combination with other materials.

Our flame-retardant FR Superbulk® and zero-halogen flame retardant ZHFR Superbulk® cable fillers were developed to meet strict military, transportation, and energy industry needs. They can be used alone or with other materials to add cost-effective flame-retardant properties to mission-critical cables. Currently used in NAVSEA-approved products, ZHFR Superbulk® offers outstanding flame retardancy with zero-halogen, zero acid gas, low smoke/fuel density performance. REACH and RoHS compliant, both products work to smother fires before they get out of control.

Separator & Signal Isolation Tapes

Leveraging our in-house film extrusion and precision slitting & spooling services, we manufacture separator and signal isolation tapes to our customer’s specifications. This allows us to build-in the characteristics like strength, thickness, and color that our clients need. As opposed to being forced to order components out of a pre-stocked catalog, our component customization allows for a greater fine-tuning of the end product and imbues our customer’s products with unique performance characteristics that make them stand out in the marketplace.

Narrow-width Flat & Fibrillated PP/HDPE-based Tapes

Web Industries’ specialty film formulation, extrusion, and precision formatting services make us the ideal partner to develop and manufacture customized narrow-width tapes for a wide variety of specialized uses. Our unmatched material knowledge base ensures that we formulate the right material for your product’s performance needs, while our process design engineers develop systems that imbue performance characteristics during commercial-scale manufacturing, such as orientation for increased strength and reduced weight. Our PrecisionSlit™ technologies provide unequalled slitting control and quality assurance, and our material/supply chain and product life cycle management systems simplify ordering and protect manufacturing runs from interruptions.