Automated Manufacturing

Utilizing highly automated end-to-end manufacturing platforms, Web Industries efficiently produces low CV, high sensitivity, and high specificity diagnostics at a wide range of volumes.

Automated Manufacturing

We’ve applied our flexible material converting and multi-layer device expertise to develop innovative diagnostic device manufacturing solutions that are tailored to the needs of the medical market. Our unique automated reel-to-reel reagent deposition and lamination platforms produce high-sensitivity devices with low CVs, while in-line inspection confirms quality compliance.

After deposition and lamination, our customized systems perform hands-free strip cutting, cassette assembly, cartridge placement, further quality assurance monitoring, and pouching/packaging. This scalable approach turns highly-variable operating costs into predictable per unit costs for our partners.

By combining on-site biochemistry facilities and commercial-scale automated manufacturing with in-line vision inspection and rigorous quality assurance systems, our automated manufacturing services provide medical device companies unprecedented flexibility when bringing new devices to market.