Large Format Converting covers a range of services such as slitting, spooling and printing. Large incoming parent rolls are formatted for optimized downstream manufacturing.

Large Format Converting

Large Format Converting
Material and product manufacturers looking to increase their speed-to-market turn to us for large format converting (LFC) services such as wide-web flexographic printing, large format spooling, and large format slitting. Utilizing our LFC capabilities, product manufacturers can process materials at least 25x longer without interruption. The advantages are significant, including faster turnaround, and reduced labor downtime and waste. With a greater yield from parent rolls, there is increased uptime for production equipment.

Wide-Web Flexographic Printing
Companies can optimize brand recognition and differentiate their products utilizing our printing services that offer fantastic image reproduction on a wide range of substrates. Our water and solvent-based W&H multicolor flexographic presses provide unlimited options for printing and packaging. This product differentiation can also be combined with our wide range of slitting or spooling services to deliver the highest value and throughput to product manufacturers. Our W&H color presses can print up to 62” on 64” max web width, and a maximum OD of 50”. We also have capability for printing a single color up to 92” on 96” max web width, and a maximum OD of 72” incoming, and can slit in-line to maximum OD of 48”.

With a focus on high quality, Web’s W&H presses are equipped with state of the art 100% vision inspection systems, paired with high resolution cameras for full web inspection while running.

Companies developing or using flexible materials trust our precision slitting services for reliable, cost-effective, and commercially-scalable formatting. Leveraging our experience with nonwovens, specialty films, composites and plastics, our innovative slitting solutions are customized to help you get the most out of your high-value flexible materials and we can slit to virtually any slit width required. Our PrecisionSlit™ provides unequalled slitting control and quality assurance. Web can offer a wide array of slitting from large format to narrow width slitting with widths as narrow as 1 mm.

Companies turn to our world class spooling and winding lines to produce custom-designed spooled packages, planetary rolls, and pads for efficient, cost-effective end-use production. As the world’s largest and most diverse provider of spooling and traverse winding services, we offer a wider array of spooling heads and configurations than anyone else in the industry. And we’re constantly innovating. Our latest next-generation large-format spooler features breakthrough technology designed for superior handling and tension control. With 54 spools working simultaneously, we can accept up to 124” width x 72”OD incoming material, resulting in up to 50” width x 60” OD finished spools. Our spools feature the highest level of efficiency – running at least 25x longer than pad rolls. Web has also introduced the first of it’s kind capability to slit up to a 12 inch slit width within a spool, to optimize converting efficiencies for larger products, such as materials for adult incontinence and home care cleaning products.