Precision Cutting

Manufacturers looking to simplify their workflow turn to us for outsourced cutting services. Utilizing the latest industrial technologies, we offer cutting options for nearly every rolled, sheeted, and plated flexible, semi-rigid, composite, and rigid substrates. Our automated cutting solutions are custom-tailored to the material and end-use needs and can include cleanroom environments, inline part marking, and multi-part kitting. Working in 2-, 3-, and 5-axes, we can contour chamfered edges and cut other features into the final part. When combined with our other process optimization solutions, this provides a streamlined supply chain, simplified cost modeling, and reduced overhead costs.

Laser Cutting

We offer multiple laser cutting technologies to help customers achieve high-accuracy cutting and marking of composites, textiles, woven substrates, foams, films, polyesters, and polycarbonates to produce a wide range of components and parts in various sizes. This formatting method offers benefits such as precise multi-level material removal and the elimination of fraying by cauterizing the edges of woven materials.

Knife & Blade Cutting

We feature a wide range of precision cutting technologies, including wheel cutting, fixed knife, oscillating blade, rotating blade, and ultrasound, for materials in either sheet or rolled formats. Our automated processes can cut directly through the material but also offer multi-depth capabilities for stenciling, densification masks, and adhesive applications. We also offer one-pass multilayer cutting for highly-efficient production of insulation blankets and ply kits made from laminations.

Waterjet & Ultrasonic Cutting

Our automated abrasive and non-abrasive waterjet and ultrasonic systems are equipped with 5-axis heads capable of providing high-precision material removal and part shaping that exceeds our customer’s tightest tolerances. Able to work both the hardest polycarbonates as well as the softest of leathers, these systems offer accuracy with multilayer capabilities.