We assist companies in choosing the right material components, streamlining manufacturing, and planning for profitability throughout the entire product life.

Process Optimization Services

The word “innovation” gets thrown around a lot in business, but one company’s innovation is often another company’s standard operating procedure. Staying ahead of the competition takes more than just buying the latest piece of equipment or using cutting-edge materials. It takes the materials knowledge and process know-how to integrate new equipment and materials into complete manufacturing solutions. For nearly 50 years, Web Industries has assisted companies in choosing the right material components, streamlining manufacturing, and planning for profitability throughout the entire product life cycle.

Material Testing and Qualification

Our integrated Development Centers shorten new-product development cycles by answering important early-stage questions: Will a material meet your performance needs? Is it viable for use in commercial-scale manufacturing? How do you qualify the material for end-use? By testing and qualifying new materials early in the product design process, we uncover hidden issues before they become painful problems. This allows you to investigate alternate materials or production-line solutions to before manufacturing-related capital expenditures have occurred.

Product Specification

Material and design choices made early in the development process affect costs throughout the entire product life cycle. How do you know what the right material is for you? Ask us. Precision converting and outsource manufacturing are our core businesses. From composites to plastics, nonwovens to specialized medical materials, we have experience with a range of flexible materials that few companies can match. Our technical experts help you select materials that best match both your product performance goals and specific manufacturing needs.

Process Design and Optimization

Business and manufacturing process design is about enhancing a product’s potential through the application of ingenious ideas tailored to your specific needs. By understanding your goals and the underlying economics of your product, we offer customized business processes that are aligned with your product’s life cycle. Applying our flexible material and converting knowledge, we integrate manufacturing process design into your product to improve performance, production rates, and margins while we create purpose-built platforms that provide best-in-class operation designed for your end-product needs.

Design for Manufacturability

Specializing in transitioning our partner's products from the whiteboard to the factory floor, Web Industries has helped hundreds of products reach the marketplace over our company’s history. Our designing for manufacturability expertise ensures that you make successful products, not nagging problems. Innovative products usually require multiple manufacturing processes, and the solutions that we create during product development can dramatically reduce time-to-market while building efficient scalability and price stability into long manufacturing runs.

Material and Supply Chain Management

The business of doing daily business can keep you from concentrating on what’s important: core competencies, new market discovery, and strategic goal setting. What would you gain if you could concentrate on developing next year’s big product instead of dealing with manufacturing this year’s big product? As a precision converter and outsource manufacturer, Web is a supplier to our partners and a customer for their upstream vendors. We’re ideally positioned to handle all aspects of supply chain management and experienced at balancing downstream production forecasts with upstream material management.

Product Lifecycle Management

New products have to meet goals beyond just end-user sales and market penetration. For lasting success, they must be developed economically, manufactured efficiently, and maintain profitability until they leave the marketplace. That’s where we excel. Working with you to get your ideas into the market quickly, we leverage our extensive converting and manufacturing experience to recommend materials and production methods that are scalable and commercially viable throughout every phase of your product’s life.