By outsourcing the business of doing daily business, you are able to concentrate on your core competencies – precisely where you add the most value to your customers.

Outsource Manufacturing Services

Ever-changing markets are requiring companies to rethink their strategies for success. By outsourcing the business of doing daily business, you are able to concentrate on your core competencies – precisely where you add the most value to your customers. For nearly 50 years, Web Industries has provided comprehensive outsource manufacturing and precision converting services. Over that time, we’ve helped hundreds of products reach the marketplace, and we’ve played a key role in nearly every market that uses flexible materials as a manufacturing component.

Precision Slitting

Companies developing or using challenging flexible materials trust our precision slitting services for reliable, cost-effective, and commercially-scalable formatting. Leveraging our experience with nonwovens, specialty films, composites and plastics, our innovative slitting solutions are customized to help you get the most out of your high-value flexible materials. Our PrecisionSlit™ technologies have defined aerospace industry standards and provide unequalled slitting control and quality assurance. And with over 50 slitting lines in four strategic locations, we provide key market proximity and geographic manufacturing redundancy for our customers.

Precision Cutting

Manufacturers looking to simplify their workflow turn to us for outsourced cutting services. Utilizing the latest industrial technologies, we offer cutting options for nearly every rolled, sheeted, and plated flexible, semi-rigid, composite, and rigid substrates. Our automated cutting solutions are custom-tailored to the material and end-use needs and can include cleanroom environments, inline part marking, and multi-part kitting. Working in 2-, 3-, and 5-axes, we can contour chamfered edges and cut other features into the final part. When combined with our other process optimization solutions, this provides a streamlined supply chain, simplified cost modeling, and reduced overhead costs.

Laser Cutting
We offer multiple laser cutting technologies to help customers achieve high-accuracy cutting and marking of composites, textiles, woven substrates, foams, films, polyesters, and polycarbonates to produce a wide range of components and parts in various sizes. This formatting method offers benefits such as precise multi-level material removal and the elimination of fraying by cauterizing the edges of woven materials.

Knife & Blade Cutting
We feature a wide range of precision cutting technologies, including wheel cutting, fixed knife, oscillating blade, rotating blade, and ultrasound, for materials in either sheet or rolled formats. Our automated processes can cut directly through the material but also offer multi-depth capabilities for stenciling, densification masks, and adhesive applications. We also offer one-pass multilayer cutting for highly-efficient production of insulation blankets and ply kits made from laminations.

Waterjet & Ultrasonic Cutting
Our automated abrasive and non-abrasive waterjet and ultrasonic systems are equipped with 5-axis heads capable of providing high-precision material removal and part shaping that exceeds our customer’s tightest tolerances. Able to work both the hardest polycarbonates as well as the softest of leathers, these systems offer accuracy with multilayer capabilities.

Spooling & Traverse Winding

Companies turn to our industry-leading spooling and winding lines to produce custom-designed spooled packages, planetary rolls, and pads for efficient, cost-effective end-use production. The world’s largest and most diverse provider of spooling and traverse winding services, we offer a wider array of spooling heads and configurations in use than anyone else in the industry. And we’re constantly innovating. Our latest next-gen large-format spooler features breakthrough technology designed for superior handling and tension control while accepting jumbo incoming master rolls or producing oversized finished spools.

Ply Cutting & Kitting

Companies rely on our automated ply cutting and ply kitting services to provide proven, cost-effective outsourced composite, specialty fabric, and film formatting. Our easy-to-order, easy-to-install single-SKU supply solutions eliminate non-value-add make-ready work for our customers, while our exclusive PlyScan™ technology labels and sequences the precision-cut plies, providing aerospace-grade quality assurance that every pre-assembled kit is ready to go from our inventory to the factory floor, ready for final production. When combined with our other process optimization solutions, this provides a streamlined supply chain, simplified cost modeling, and reduced overhead costs.

Composite Formatting

Composite developers and part fabricators looking to maximize production rates trust us to provide commercial-scale, best-in-class solutions for formatted prepreg composites. From customized slit tape spools to all-in-one ply kits, we supply them with formatted prepregs optimized for their mix of materials, machines, and manufacturing processes. As the only composite formatting company with the proven ability to simultaneously support multiple major aircraft development programs, we’re a qualified slit tape partner on nearly all major automated fiber placement lines, and we know what it take to meet rigorous aerospace quality and fulfillment demands.

Thermoset Composites
We practically defined the standards for slitting, spooling, and winding thermoset composites for aerospace. We match tape length, winding patterns, liner materials, and spool sizes to meet your specific manufacturing requirements, providing custom-formatted materials that streamlines fabrication workflow, increased production rates, and reduces overall waste.

Thermoplastic Composites
We’re actively developing technologies to slit, spool, chop, or pre-form thermoplastics to aerospace quality levels and commercial-scale volumes for automated fabrication processes.

Composite Preforming
Companies looking to reduce the cost and cycle time of fabricating parts trust us to provide them with preforms ready for downstream manufacturing. Working from customer-supplied files, our automated cutting systems produce precise plies and component structures from composites and other materials, such as adhesive films, aramids, and ceramics. These pieces are then layered, draped, stitched, or autoclaved in-house to produce a preform that is ready for additional machining, such as water jet cutting, or custom-kitted and shipped for final fabrication at the customer’s facility. Combined, these services allow our customers to save time, increase efficiency, and reduce waste.

Ply Cutting & Kitting
Customized, automated table cutting processes produce perfectly cut plies faster and more consistently than traditional hand-cutting methods, while our advanced shape-nesting ensures efficient material usage. Combined with our innovative PlyScan™ technology, the quality of your ply kits is assured and they will arrive per specification for end-product fabrication.

Aerospace-grade Quality & Traceability
Our AS/EN 9100 D and Nadcap certified facilities and exacting quality assurance systems provide controlled receiving, formatting, and shipping environments. And our full lot traceability systems track temperature, out-time, and defect removal from material manufacturer through formatting, allowing for unprecedented historical tracking and yield analysis.

Vendor Managed Inventory Services
Industry leading material management, freezer storage, and inventory control systems eliminate the need for you to invest in non-core production infrastructure and labor.


Companies combining various substrates into finished products or intermediate components turn to our wide range of lamination services. From nonwovens to medical materials, thin films to metal foils, we know how to form high-value substrates into a single, custom-tailored laminate that exceeds expectations. Our hot melt spray and adhesive technologies produce wide laminates with unique material flexibility that can be combined with particulate encapsulation to produce multi-layered, multi-functional materials, while our modular reel-to-reel equipment and medical-grade facilities offer laminating options that produce performance-tailored components and consumer-ready products.


Companies looking to differentiate their product in the marketplace through cost-effective product decoration trust us to provide printing services that offer fantastic image reproduction on a wide range of substrates. Our water and solvent-based flexographic presses provide limitless options for industrial printing and packaging, while our in-line marking technologies provide an efficient method of printing during component manufacturing. For thin nonwovens and plastics, we can provide registered high-speed, wide web flexographic printing in-line with our slitting processes to reduce costs.

Ultrasonic Embossing

Companies looking to improve their products through non-contact surface transformation of their flexible component materials turn to our advanced ultrasonic embossing to provide the product differentiation that they need. Developed to meet the global product launch needs of the personal care market, our ultrasonic embossing/bonding capabilities enhance the performance and appearance of wovens, nonwovens, and films through the application of functional shapes, decorative patterns, and logos. It also combines multiple substrates on a continuous web at commercial-production speeds to produce multi-material components with unique performance characteristics.

Die Cutting & Registration

Companies developing products that combine valuable or sensitive substrates into highly-technical multi-layer laminates trust our precision die cutting and registration systems to support the production of complex structures that exceed the most stringent quality requirements. Applying our extensive materials knowledge base, we effectively and efficiently remove and apply materials to build components and subcomponents for downstream manufacturing in industries ranging from medical tests to environmental monitoring devices.

Assembly & Custom Packaging

Companies turn to our assembly and packaging services to provide cost-effective outsource manufacturing of final products, components, or sub-components. Working with our customers, our process engineers develop customized production solutions that are robust, scalable, and efficient at all production volumes. Once production starts, we apply Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing principles to continually drive out waste and ensure high productivity. For hand-assembled items, we utilize a wide range of adhesive bonding options. For web-based raw materials, we can mix and match a variety of inline converting services to provide multi-step manufacturing activities in a single pass.