Web Industries to Showcase Bulk Cable Fillers, Signal Isolation Tapes and Laminate Solutions for Datacom Cables at IWCS 2019

September 25, 2019 – Lightweight polypropylene cable fillers and signal isolation tapes will highlight the offerings of Web Industries Inc.’s Industrial Division at IWCS 2019, Sept. 29 to Oct. 2, Charlotte Convention Center, Charlotte, N.C. At the show, Web Industries will occupy Booth #307.

“We’ve broadened our offerings in response to the needs of today’s LAN and datacom cable manufacturers and the growth of Power over Ethernet (PoE) applications,” says Web Industries Business Development Manager Charlie Belcher. “Visitors to Web’s exhibit at IWCS can find samples of many innovative products and discuss cable production issues and concerns with Web executives.”

Web’s family of SUPERBULK® cable fillers includes new varieties with higher flame-retardant characteristics. They complement existing standard, FR (flame-retardant) and ZHFR SUPERBULK (zero-halogen/low-smoke flame-retardant) fillers. Made of foamed or solid polypropylene, SUPERBULK fillers prevent water absorption and wicking and resist harsh substances in cable applications.

Web’s extruded separator and signal isolation tapes are used to separate conductors, reduce capacitance and manage heat in LAN cables. The low-dielectric tapes come in different slit widths, colors and thicknesses. They can be slit and spooled to customer specifications.

Specialty Laminates
In addition, Web will showcase its ability to laminate a wide variety of substrates and materials. These specialty laminate constructions include foil/film shielding tapes in continuous and discontinuous forms, which help prevent electromagnetic interference and alien crosstalk in LAN and datacom cable applications. Other laminated products include low-capacitance and heat dissipation tapes, which draw heat away from a cable’s core.

Visitors to Web’s exhibit can also learn more about next-generation Shielded CrossWeb Tapes, currently in development. These tapes, which consist of laminated polyester and aluminum foil, protect twisted pairs of wire in datacom cables from internal and external crosstalk interference. They help cable manufacturers meet existing and anticipated interference standards.

About Web Industries
A 100% employee-owned company, Web Industries, Inc., is one of the largest and most diverse providers of precision converting and outsource manufacturing. We help customers in the Aerospace, Medical, Personal & Home Care, and Industrial markets bridge their capability gaps and accelerate their go-to-market success by leveraging close, trust-based relationships to develop ingenious solutions precisely tailored to their needs. From project inception through commercialization, Web offers creative problem-solving backed by deep technical and operational expertise.

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