Web Industries Introduces New Custom Shielding Tape Solution for Manufacturers of Networking and Datacom Cables

MARLBOROUGH, Mass. – A new custom shielding tape solution for networking and data communications cable manufacturers is now available from Web Industries, Inc. The product, called Shielded CrossWeb Tape, protects twisted pairs of wire from internal and external crosstalk interference, which can impair data transmission. The tape helps manufacturers meet current and anticipated interference standards and improves cable-manufacturing efficiency by reducing the number of required operations.

Shielded CrossWeb Tape incorporates two shielding components, each consisting of a lamination of polyester tape and aluminum foil. The components are joined securely across the middle, allowing the tape’s ends to open and form a plus sign or “X” configuration. The plus sign’s gaps accommodate four twisted wire pairs. When the tape’s ends or “fins” are sealed, the tape shields each twisted pair from crosstalk from adjacent twisted pairs and from external interference caused by nearby power sources, cables, lighting or other sources.

Custom Designs
The new product is available in a variety of configurations. Web engineers and technical experts can assist cable manufacturers in developing custom shielding solutions for different applications. The tape, for example, can be made in continuous or segmented versions to meet specific application requirements.

Shielded CrossWeb Tape meets ISO 11801 and TIA 568-C.2-1 standards governing crosstalk performance. “In addition to meeting today’s standards, our Shielded CrossWeb Tape is designed with tomorrow’s requirements in mind,” says Marc Dupuis, Technical Manager, Web Industries, Wire & Cable Division. “As the Internet of Things (IoT) takes hold, there will be a demand for higher bandwidths and higher standards for communications cables. Our new shielding tape can help manufacturers comply with the requirements of Category 8 standards, which have just been released.”

Simplifying Cable Manufacturing
Web Industries’ Shielded CrossWeb Tape was developed in response to market demand for improved manufacturing efficiency and performance in custom shielding tapes. Currently, most cable manufacturers employ a five-step process to apply shielding to twisted wire pairs. They wrap the four twisted pairs individually with aluminum polyester tape. Then, in a separate operation, the four shielded pairs are encircled with an external shielding tape. The process is time-consuming and laborious.

With Shielded CrossWeb Tape, the five-step process is reduced to a single operation. The tape is supplied to cable manufacturers in flat form on spools. During production, the tape is opened to the plus sign or “X” configuration. Four twisted wire pairs are positioned in the gaps created when the tape is opened up. After the pairs are in place, the ends or “fins” of the tape are folded down and around the wire pairs, shielding them from both internal and external interference.

“Shielded CrossWeb Tape’s design results in a more simplified manufacturing process,” says Web Industries’ Dupuis. “This saves time and reduces costs for manufacturers.”

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