Web Industries Announces Breakthrough Innovation in Cable Filler

New product line helps Wire & Cable manufacturers meet more stringent requirements for zero halogen and flame retardancy for next generation of cable designs

Atlanta, GA January 18, 2011Web Industries, Inc.—a leader in providing contract manufacturing and development services for flexible materials—is proud to announce the release of its new line of Zero Halogen – Flame Retardant (ZHFR) SUPERBULK® cable filler. This innovative component material is used in the design and construction of next generation cables. ZHFR SUPERBULK® helps Wire & Cable manufacturers address compliance issues for cable applications in the power, energy, control, datacom, and telecom industries as an alternative to legacy materials that are more expensive and not as effective. Industry leaders focused on innovation and emerging trends can benefit from incorporating ZHFR SUPERBULK® into new cables designed for highly-specialized markets such as: environmental compliance and construction (LEED, REACH, RoHS); military and defense; shipboard; aerospace; mass transit; and energy.

ZHFR SUPERBULK® can be used alone or in combination with other materials and is designed to help meet increased standards for flame retardancy, elimination of halogens, low smoke density, low acid gas, and low fuel. Unlike legacy cable designs which may contain halogens, Web’s ZHFR SUPERBULK® cable fillers use innovative polypropylene chemistries based on intumescent char formers and low-smoke synergists that allow the polypropylene yarns to help isolate fuel sources when burned. These new polypropylene yarns and tapes are safer, lighter, stronger, more water resistant, and less expensive than alternative filler materials used in traditional cable designs. Because Web has complete control of the production process, ZHFR SUPERBULK® can be custom-tailored in areas such as fibrillation, diameter, density, tensile strength, toughness, and elongation to meet customers’ unique needs.

“With forward-thinking innovations such as ZHFR SUPERBULK®, Web will continue to lead the way in environmental stewardship and advancement of these types of flexible materials used in some of the Wire & Cable industry’s most advanced products,” says Donald Romine, Web Industries President and CEO.

For over 40 years, Web Industries has been a leader in providing contract manufacturing and development services for products involving flexible materials, including slitting, spooling, printing, laminating, specialty extrusion, assembly, packaging, and complete supply chain management solutions. Web has a long history of applying expertise, innovative thinking and creative problem solving to help speed time to market and drive costs down in order to ensure our customers’ product success.

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