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Ralph Tricomi Appears In Medical Product Outsourcing's "Material Trends: The Impact of New Medtech Innovation."

March 03, 2022

Ralph Tricomi, director of market development, appears in Medical Product Outsourcing's article, "Material Trends: The Impact of New Medtech Innovation." 

“The medical adhesive is crucial for multilayer laminated materials, and adhesive material suppliers are in touch with the market’s need for conformability, biocompatibility, and in some cases, transparency. We work closely with OEMs to help them determine the optimal way to laminate different materials together,” explained Ralph Tricomi, director, market development, for Web Industries Inc., a Marlborough, Mass.-based contract manufacturing firm offering precision converting and outsourced manufacturing services. “To help customers make multilayer products incorporating electronics, we have equipment to print on a substrate, do the multilayer lamination and then die cutting, island placement, or other converting processes. Advanced adhesives often are the method of choice to bond these layers together.”

“There is a convergence of chemistry, electronics, and medical devices in the development of solutions to improve quality of life through early disease detection and diagnosis of maladies. We are seeing greater integration of electrical circuits and multielectrode arrays into flexible, medical-grade materials,” he continued. “These materials then are used in testing devices and medical wearables with increasingly sophisticated detection capabilities and digital connectivity.”