Military Market Embraces ZHFR SUPERBULK® For Shipboard Use

Military Market Embraces ZHFR SUPERBULK® For Shipboard Use
Zero-halogen, flame-retardant polypropylene cable filler chosen for use in mission-critical cables

MARLBOROUGH, MA. – October 31, 2013 – Adoption of Web Industries’ innovative SUPERBULK® family of polypropylene cable fillers continues to grow as several cable manufacturers have selected it for inclusion in products designed for the military market. ZHFR SUPERBULK, the “zero-halogen, flame-retardant” variant of Web’s cable filler product, is being featured in shipboard cabling designed for use on important domestic and international naval projects. Engineered to help control fire, ZHFR’s chemistry helps smother burning cables without producing dangerous halogen gases or excess smoke, which can be hazardous to personnel in the area.

In the United States, many cables utilizing ZHFR SUPERBULK have received Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) certification for use on current and future US Navy vessels. To receive NAVSEA approval, both the finished cable and its component parts must pass strenuous safety and performance tests before being cleared for use in the field. In a recent technology planning “roadmap,” NAVSEA reported that shipboard electrical usage is projected to grow exponentially as electromagnetic sensors become more powerful, lasers and rail guns are introduced as standard weapon systems, and hybrid- electric drives are developed. As the supporting energy distributions systems become more complex, cabling weight and safety become increasingly important, and the weight, strength, and fire retardancy performance advantages that ZHFR SUPERBULK offers over traditional cable fillers make it an ideal solution for tomorrow’s Navy.

In the United Kingdom, ZHFR SUPERBULK has been selected for use in specialty cables designed for Britain’s two newest aircraft carriers, the Queen Elizabeth and the Prince of Wales. Due to enter service over the next four years, the carriers will contain an estimated 2,500 km (1,553.4 miles) of wires and cables, with ZHFR SUPERBULK approved for inclusion in critical command cables. Both ships will utilize a centrally controlled, highly automated weapons-handling system that will move pallets of ammunition from storage magazines to weapon-prep areas through a series of lifts and tracked pathways, reducing the number of crew needed for combat operations. When complete, the carriers will be the largest and most capable surface ships in the history of the Royal Navy and represent a dramatic shift in Great Britain’s ability to project strategic power around the world.

“We’re excited to play a crucial part in building ‘tomorrow’s Navy,’” said Blake Batley, vice president of Sales & Marketing, Web Industries. “US servicemen and the servicemen of our allies will increasingly rely on the electrical systems that our cable filler products help improve and protect, and we’re certain that ZHFR Superbulk will exceed our customers’ expectations far into the future.”

As markets demand safer, better performing products, cable manufacturers are turning to Web Industries and the SUPERBULK family of cable fillers to be the high-performance cable filler of choice for their next- generation products.

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