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Web Industries is a trusted medical CMO specializing in high-tech commercialization solutions for medical devices and diagnostics. Utilizing the latest automated technologies combined with on-premise chemistry preparation, rigorous quality systems, and structured process transfer procedures, we provide manufacturing services designed for high-volume production that are easily scalable to millions of devices.

We understand that high quality requirements and strict governmental regulation are some of the unique challenges that the medical device industry faces. Overcoming those challenges and getting your product to market is what we do. Trusted to offer a valued outside perspective, we’re as innovative as we are meticulous. And it’s that creative attention to detail that has allowed us to manufacture more than 100 billion medical and life science diagnostic tests and devices over the past two decades. To view our certifications, visit our Quality page.

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Lateral Flow Immunoassay Center of Excellence

Our Lateral Flow Diagnostics Center of Excellence is a 6,500 sq. ft. environmentally-controlled facility purpose-built for automated reel-to-reel LFI device production. Featuring an in-house biochemistry lab, reagent deposition, LFI strip manufacturing, device assembly, and packaging stations, this facility allows us to apply our flexible material converting and multi-layer device manufacturing to deliver innovative production solutions to the LFI market.

Lateral Flow Immunoassay Devices

With our automated device manufacturing, Web Industries efficiently produces your LFI device at commercial volumes. We are your silent-partner, offering product transfer support, high-volume automated manufacturing, test device assembly, and packaging services. We are the only non-competing medical CMO in the USA to combine all of these services in one location, making us the one-stop outsource solution that takes your medical diagnostic device from prototype to market.

Custom Medical Diagnostics

For over two decades, we’ve been a trusted outsource manufacturer of medical diagnostics that feature flexible materials as active components. Leveraging our extensive materials handling, converting, and assembly knowledge base, we provide customized development, precision converting, and final assembly solutions that can guide a device from development into commercial-scale production while maintaining the quality and reliability the medical market demands.

Deeply passionate about improving people’s lives, we combine our expertise in biochemistry, flexible material converting, and medical-grade manufacturing to deliver high commercial volumes, consistency, and overall quality. We know that our success is inexorable linked to your success. That’s why we protect your brand as if it was our own.