Spooling & Rewinding



A pioneer in contract spooling services, Web Industries is the world’s largest and most diverse provider of spooling and specialized traverse winding solutions, featuring a wider array of spooling heads and configurations in production than anyone in the business.

Industry Leaders in Spooling and Winding
Web Industries offers our customers a full range of traverse winding patterns, custom spooling widths and outside diameters, and experience with nearly every class of rolled flexible material on the market. Our deep understanding of materials and spooling/winding technologies allow us to develop optimized flexible material processing solutions in-house that deliver spooled and wound product onto custom-designed spools, planetary rolls, and pads for efficient, cost-effective end-use manufacturing.

Innovative Solutions to Extraordinary Challenges
We know that every material and manufacturing process is different, and we’ve developed some of the most innovative flexible material converting technologies to meet these challenges. Our patented STEP-PAC™ / STEPPAC™ winding system combines the stability of a reel with the high-speed payout of a traverse wound spool, producing denser, more stable spools. Our partners discover real competitive advantages in material processability and manufacturing efficiency when incorporating these technologies into their production process.

• Plastic Films
• Nonwovens and Technical Fabrics
• Composites & Fibers (dry and prepreg)
• Coated and Uncoated Paper
• Custom Laminates
• Adhesive Tapes
• Specialty Materials
• Medical Substrates

• Spool Widths from 1” – 36”
• Spool Outside Diameters from 2” – 48”
• Roll dimensions can be custom-sized per end-use specifications
• Extra-large spooling available

Winding Techniques
• Traverse
• Planetary
• Pad
• Center
• Surface
• Center-Surface
• Duplex (with optional lay-on rollers)
• Zero-tension “Scatter Pack”

Special Environments
• Cleanrooms
• White Room
• Temperature and Humidity Controlled
• FOD Controlled
• Aerospace and Medical Grade
• ISO 9001, 13485, 14001, and AS9100C Certifications
• FDA-Registration

Benefits of Customized Spooling Services
• Longer run times and higher line speeds
• Decreased downtime when using longer-length spools
• Fewer roll changes
• Fewer splices during end-use processing
• Improved package stability
• Increased flexibility in package sizes
• Reduced waste

The STEP-PAC™ / STEPPAC™ Winding Advantage
• More material per spool
• Stable ends for vertical stacking with minimal packaging
• Less edge drop-off during winding and unwinding
• Faster winding and unwinding speeds
• Prevents edge contamination of the spools
• Reduced chance for material damage

Does your product contain components made from flexible materials? Web Industries’ large-format Spooling and Rewinding services and technologies can help you achieve new manufacturing efficiencies. Contact us at +1 508.573.7979 or through our website to find out more.