Specialty Film Extrusion



Web Industries’ specialty film extrusion services allow us to manufacture high-quality polyolefin and polypropylene films specifically designed for our client’s end products.

Contract Specialty Film Design and Extrusion
Our on-premise extrusion facilities give us complete control of the film making process, allowing us to tailor film characteristics to match technical specifications while providing complete quality assurance throughout the production cycle. Because film extrusion is often a precursor step in producing a final product, we can combine our film making with other in-line or same-facility film converting and material management services to create a highly efficient single-source supplier solution for our partners.

Film Extrusion and Value-Added Services
• Customized film performance design
• Specialized polyolefin and polypropylene film extrusion
• Widths from 1 – 1000mm
• Thicknesses from 25 – 500 microns
• Precision film slitting and traverse winding
• Orientation control and tensilizing (up to 50,000 PSI)
• Fibrillation
• Densification and density reduction
• Raw ingredient sourcing
• Proactive material and supply chain management
• Product lifecycle planning

Performance Additives
• Fire Retardancy (traditional and non-halogenated)
• UV stabilization
• Slip and anti-blocking properties
• Absolute color and fill matching accuracy

Need to add customized performance to your product or product’s components? Web Industries Specialty Film Extrusion services and technologies can build the enhanced traits that you’re looking into a polyolefin and polypropylene material that you can trust. Contact us at +1 508.573.7979 or through our website to find out more.