Product Development



Web Industries knows that when a company is developing a new product, every step can be a challenge. There are few ready-made answers, and creating innovative solutions can be the difference between success and failure. They’re looking for a partner who knows how to get things made.

Culture of Innovation in Product Development
We work with our clients to get their products off the drawing board and into the marketplace quickly and efficiently. Our integrated Design & Development Centers and pilot-line prototyping facilities uncover any hidden material issues early in the product design process. Our technical experts identify potential manufacturing concerns and develop solutions that work not only on the pilot line but also at commercial-scale production volumes. Our converting and manufacturing knowledge builds quality and efficiency into the manufacturing process from the ground up, protecting margins throughout the product life cycle.

Get Ahead, Stay Ahead
We know that staying ahead of the competition requires more than just investing in the latest piece of equipment. It takes the materials knowledge and processing know-how to integrate equipment into a complete manufacturing solution. We leverage our 45+ years of converting and manufacturing experience to develop production methods that are scalable and commercially successful. From short-run prototypes to full-scale, high volume manufacturing, our customized product development services can handle all phases of a product’s life cycle.

Safe With Web
We understand that as a “silent partner” CMO, our responsibility is to support you, not supplant you. We take protecting the intellectual property, products, and brands of our clients seriously. You’ll never see a Web Industries private-label knock-off; that’s not our goal. Working with us, what you will see is your product moving through your market and into the hands of your end-users.

We’re Already In Your Home
Every day, consumers purchase innovative products that contain components from our production lines. From medical and hygiene to cables and cleaning, we’re in nearly every home in North America. Our proven track record of innovation, dependability, and responsiveness is why leading companies have made us their trusted partner for new product development, ramp-up manufacturing, and successful product launches.

Customized Product Development Services
• Product Life Cycle Planning
• Materials Supplier Evaluation and Selection
• Manufacturing Process Design
• Rapid Prototyping and Trials
• Qualifications and Validations
• Quality Assurance and Supply Chain Management
• FMEA/Risk Assessments

Is your next Big Idea bigger than you can handle alone? Turn to Web Industries for Product Development services that can get your idea into the marketplace on-time, at budget, and with an eye towards success throughout the entire product life cycle. Contact us at +1 508.573.7979 or through our website to find out how we can help.