LFI Devices

LFI Devices


Web Industries applies its flexible material converting and multi-layer device manufacturing expertise to deliver innovative production solutions to the LFI device market.

Automated Device Manufacturing
With our automated device manufacturing, Web Industries efficiently produces your LFI device at commercial-scale volumes. We are your silent-partner, offering product transfer support, high-volume automated reel-to-reel LFI strip manufacturing, test device assembly, and packaging services. Web is the only non-competing medical CMO in the USA to combine all of these services in one location, making us the one-stop outsource solution that takes your medical diagnostic device from prototype to market.

Unmatched Experience and Unique Capabilities
Our extensive background in working with high-value medical-grade flexible materials allows us to offer world-class precision at unparalleled scale. Our LFI manufacturing facility includes:
• 6,500 square feet of environmentally-controlled manufacturing space
• Automated LFI manufacturing platform: Biochemistry Lab, Reagent Deposition, Lamination, Device Assembly, and Packaging
• In-house preparation of buffer formulations, in-process titrations, process scalability, and quality control testing by industry experts
• Precision lamination technologies designed to handle multiple flexible components
• Robotic assembly and packaging featuring hands-free strip cutting, cassette assembly, and foil pouching
• In-line vision inspection systems at every stage of the manufacturing process

A Commitment to Quality
We know lives, brands, and reputations are at stake. That’s why the tests we manufacture perform consistently at the point of care. Contact us at +1 508.573.7979 or through our website to find out how we can help.