Crucial Converting Services for Technical Textiles and Composites

Web Industries has been featured in an article in Technical Textiles magazine. Check out our in-depth company profile, written by Adrian Wilson, on crucial converting services for technical textiles and composites. The following is an excerpt from the article:
“Having invested more than $10 million in equipment and additional converting services for flexible materials at sites in North America, Web Industries is now looking to expand its operations in Europe. Founded in 1969, Web Industries has become one of the largest and most diverse providers of converting services for flexible materials. The company runs a wide array of slitting, spooling, winding and ply-formatting equipment for converting technical textiles, nonwovens, composites, specialty films, papers, foils, laminates, and foams. In addition, it operates advanced technologies for delivering converted materials onto custom-designed spools and rolls, or as pads and ply kits, in order to make downstream manufacturing more efficient for its customers in the aerospace, medical, personal and home care, multi-layer insulation, and wire and cable industries. Click here to read more: Technical Textiles


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