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Web Industries is a premier provider of customized wire and cable components. We offer a wide range of specialized products and services to power/energy, datacom, telecom, and control cable manufacturers, including:

• Precision-tuned Signal Isolation Tapes
• High-performance Fire Retardant Cable Fillers
• Custom-tailored Cable Binders
• Cable Armoring, Wraps, and Jacketing
• Specialty Film Formulation, Extrusion, Lamination, Slitting, and Spooling

Market-leading companies turn to Web Industries to solve complex new product development challenges. They trust our material knowledge and manufacturing expertise to produce components that meet specific performance characteristics such as fire retardancy, tuned signal isolation, and REACH and RoHS-compliance. Our in-house mixing and extruding services allow us to maintain complete control throughout the production process, ensuring consistent quality and reliability, and our scalable systems give us the capacity to easily handle trial, pilot run, and commercial-rollout product volumes.

We’re involved in all key segments of the cable market, including military, shipboard, aerospace, automotive, and specialty control and power products, and we’re always thinking of new ways to work with wire and cable. Web engineers have played key roles in producing innovative low-voltage lighting and home theater wires as well as new methods of using water-blocking tapes for telecommunications cables.

Our family of Superbulk® polypropylene cable fillers are lighter, stronger, and safer than traditional alternatives and can be custom-tailored to meet specific engineering and production requirements. Developed to meet strict military, transportation, and energy industry needs, our FR Superbulk® and ZHFR Superbulk® cable fillers can be used alone or with other materials to add cost-effective flame-retardant properties to mission-critical cables. Currently used in NAVSEA-approved products, ZHFR Superbulk® offers outstanding flame retardancy with zero-halogen, zero acid gas, low smoke/fuel density performance.

Are you developing the next great cable product or looking to add additional performance to existing product lines? Web Industries offers a wide range of customizable wire and cable component solutions to take your product to the next level. Contact us at +1 508.573.7979 or through our website to find out more.

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