Web Industries is a trusted outsource manufacturer of medical devices featuring flexible materials as active components. We provide development, precision converting, and final assembly solutions that can guide a device from development into commercial-scale production while maintaining the quality and reliability the medical market demands.

Leading medical device companies rely on Web to be their preferred CMO for a range of medical products, including:

LFI Devices
• Medical Disposables
• Clinical Lab Diagnostics
• Testing Strips
• Medical Monitoring Devices
• Advanced Wound Care

We understand that high quality requirements and strict governmental regulation are some of the unique challenges that the medical device industry faces. Our medical facilities hold all required ISO (13485 and 14001) and industry certifications. Our Lateral Flow Diagnostics Center of Excellence is a 6,500 sq. ft. environmentally-controlled facility that was purpose-built for automated reel-to-reel medical device production. This facility features an in-house biochemistry lab, reagent deposition, LFI strip manufacturing, device assembly, and packaging stations. Click here to find out more about Web’s LFI manufacturing capabilities.

Web Industries is a true “silent partner”, never making or selling our own branded medical devices. Our focus is on creating highly-customized manufacturing and converting solutions for medical device companies, taking their products through trials and into the market, and keeping those products profitable and successful throughout the product life span.

Looking for a CMO that understands the unique challenges of working in the medical market? Web Industries has proven market experience that you and your end-users can trust. Contact us at +1 508.573.7979 or through our website to find out more.