Stade, Germany



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Location: Stade, Germany
Size: 27,965 sq. ft. (2,598 sq. meters)
Markets Served: Aerospace

Located in the Hamburg metropolitan region of northern Germany, Web Stade is a custom-built facility dedicated to serving the needs of the aerospace market. Web’s first international facility, it is co-located with a major carbon fiber manufacturer and provides prepreg composite formatting in an EN9100C certified environment supporting next-generation commercial aerospace development.

Locating the composite formatting operation near the prepreg material production lines dramatically cuts the supply chain, provides near-instantaneous quality assurance feedback, and tightens the lines of communication. These, in turn, lead to increased manufacturing efficiencies for both Web and our advanced composites partner.

Constantly innovating to provide outsource flexible material formatting and contract manufacturing services, Web Industries works with our customers to find the right answer to every challenge. If you need a dedicated converting or product manufacturing facility to support existing or future products, we are able to develop and deploy localized solutions as justified by mutually beneficial business plans. Contact us to find out more.

Web Industries Stade, GmBH
Sophie-Scholl-Weg 22 A
21684 Stade, Germany
T: +49 4141 797 6510
F: +49 4141 797 6599