Responsible stewardship of the environment is one of our valued principles at Web Industries. Our employee-owners believe in finding innovative ways to reduce waste, minimize our carbon footprint, and lessen our impact on the planet. They are empowered to implement waste reduction programs, streamline supply chains, and constantly search out new solutions to make our manufacturing and operations more efficient.

Strive. Comply. Encourage. Monitor. Our Environmental Policy can be stated by those four simple but powerful words. Our employee-owners are committed to the preservation and maintenance of our environment by:

Striving to implement green processes to continually reduce our environmental impact through training, communication, and leadership examples.

Complying with all applicable legal requirements.

Encouraging all employee-owners to reduce environmental impacts by adopting the green pyramid approach to waste and pollution prevention.

Monitoring our impact and the results of green improvement efforts through management review and effective leadership.

All Web Industries domestic contract converting and outsource manufacturing facilities hold ISO 14001 certifications.

At Web Industries, we know that our focus on eliminating wasteful processes, reusing materials when appropriate, and recycling materials that can’t be reused has a positive effect on our bottom line and the bottom lines of our business partners. Contact us at +1 508.573.7979 or through our website to find out how your company can benefit from our focus on sustainability.

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