As a contract converting and outsource manufacturing solutions provider, Web Industries understands that we are an extension of our clients. Our success is directly tied to their success, and it is our job to protect their reputation in the marketplace. We’ve invested heavily in implementing robust but flexible quality assurance programs that empower our employee-owners and ensure that only defect free materials and products leave our facilities.

Our focus on operational excellence drives us to hold the industry certifications important to the success of our partners:
ISO 9001:2008 (all facilities)
ISO 14001 (all facilities)
ISO 13485 (Web Boston, Web Hartford)
AS9100C (Web Atlanta, CAD Cut Vermont, CAD Cut Texas)
EN9100C (Web Stade)
• FDA-registered Medical Device Establishment (Web Hartford)
• GMP compliance
• Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing principles
• Rigorous FOD prevention protocols (all aerospace facilities)

We know that continuous improvement is an essential component in effective quality systems, and our employee-owners fully subscribe to the belief that every business process can be repeatedly improved. Receiving inspections tie into our ERP infrastructure to make certain that we’ve received the correct materials in the correct quantities while capturing the information needed to maintain downstream tracking and upstream supplier accountability. In-process checks provide assurance that converted materials and finished products meet or surpass all critical specifications. Our customized quality systems provide complete traceability within a controlled, paperless system, giving us visibility at every level of the converting or manufacturing process.

From administrative to operations to internal business processes, we focus on identifying, understanding, and minimizing non-value added activities. Working in partnership with our customers, we have been very successful in refining manufacturing processes, improving supply chain efficiencies, and suggesting product material and design modifications that improve throughput, reduce waste, and provide real, measureable advantages in the marketplace.

Our Quality Policy is very simple: Make Our Customers Happy. We do this through actively listening to understand their needs, creating solutions that address their requirements, and delivering products and services that meet all commitments. Contact us at +1 508.573.7979 or through our website to find how your company can benefit from this level of focus on Quality.

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