Core Competencies



Outsource precision converting of rolled materials is at the core of nearly everything that we do. From composites to plastics, nonwovens to specialty films, we have experience with a range of materials that few companies can match—and a knowledge base that few companies can equal. When high precision is needed to maximize yield from high-value materials, we’re adept at holding slit width tolerances measured in single digit thousandths of inches at commercial-scale volumes while exceeding stringent aerospace, medical, and wire & cable industry quality requirements. Our constant goal is to supply our customers with high-quality spooled material custom-tailored to their manufacturing processes, enabling both of our companies to discover new efficiencies and new levels of success.

We have some of the largest custom-designed slitting and spooling lines in the world at our facilities, and we are continually reinvesting in our equipment and our employee-owners to push the boundaries of turning wide rolls of material into useful components for downstream manufacturing. If a converting challenge exceeds our existing technology base, we eagerly work with our partners to develop a viable solution, implement the required technologies, and invent the future together.

Does your product utilize rolled material as a component? Let the slitting and spooling experts at Web Industries help you engineer in new manufacturing efficiencies and lower your overall costs. Contact us at +1 508.573.7979 or through our website to find out what we can do for you.

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